Saturday, 24 March 2007

the bouncy castle economy

The latest fad for kids is the home bouncy castle, slide etc. These things show up everything that's wrong with our economy as we reach resource and energy depletion thresholds. They're non-recyclable, they turn what has been a social experience into a private experience, they demand space, they are basically pointless and, most importantly, they use a constant supply of energy as they can only stay inflated if being constantly pumped up with air. When we should be cutting back on scarce energy use the idiots (in China no doubt) come up with something else that we don't need.

But, to eat a bit of humble pie, or hypocrite's pie, I had hoped to illustrate this with a photo taken of an individual bouncy castle outside Woolies in Hartcliffe (which gave me the idea for the post) but my camera lens cover fell off as I did so. Rather than try to repair it, after a cursory look for the part, I popped into Argos and simply bought a new camera, cash.

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