Tuesday, 15 May 2007

EU jokers

EU admits having no plan for 'peak oil' crisis 9th Feb 2006
Commission shrugs off looming oil shortage as 'just a theory'

The EU's energy commissioner Andris Piebalgs has admitted he has no plan to deal with rapidly rising oil and gas prices in the face of shrinking supply and booming demand.

In a response to a parliamentary question put by Green Party MEP Caroline Lucas, he shrugs off the so-called 'Peak Oil' scenario as 'no more than a theory'.
Ho hum. Like Climate Change I suppose? How can we plan for a future economy if our so-called 'leaders' are this fucking stupid??
Whatever Peak Oil is, it's never been 'just a theory'. Oil is running out, demand is increasing and there's no viable replacement.
No doubt Mr Piebalgs will be driving a 4x4 years after the rest of us have moved into protected communities getting around by horse, bike and steam train ...

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